03 Dec 2014

Flints Year-Book Service

Flints® My yearbook system brings a lot more fun to your yearbook creation experience. We here at EMISiV-NG believe that good times can last forever. Why? Because with Flints® “My yearbook” system, we shifted the paradigmatic notion of “School life is the best” by taking the school life with you everywhere!

Flints! is a framework of services which promotes social networking tailored for usability in business organizations, institutions, religious societies, and Government parastatals.
Considering today’s level of social networking participation by the Internet community. It is essential to realize that business strategies geared toward a social networking platform can become very lucrative and produce a high return in investment.

The Flints! Framework provides an infrastructure in which organizations can quickly deploy various open or closed grouping social networking depending on their business needs. The framework promotes an intra-social networking communication grouping system within an organization, such as banks or firm whose line of business relies on a constant ‘real-time’ involvement of stakeholders or investors in the ‘active’ (Live) decision making process / meeting using our Flints! Dashboard and Flints! Social services.

Electronic yearbook

An electronic yearbook system is advancement from the conventional (hard copy) yearbook methods, which takes advantage of the inherent advancements in the consumer electronic systems to incorporate rich multimedia contents and high definition graphics (and even the internet) in an un-distorting way from the traditional hard-copy year book system to a promote new, data centric (secured), and interactive system of keeping the memories of good old days and information of past colleagues.

 Benefits of electronics yearbook

  • Cheaper cost of production:   Electronic Yearbooks are created on electronic Media and requires lesser or no materials for it final production. This tremendously reduces the cost of production and increases productivity.
  • Longevity of usefulness:      Being on an electronic media, information in as electronic form are not subjected to regular problems prone to convectional paper made yearbook. Factors such as aging, getting wet with liquids does not apply to yearbooks in electronics form.

Well-created electronic yearbooks (such Flints! ‘My yearbook’) permits easy data updating to reflect current happenings in your life.

  • Easy expandability: With advent of Flints! framework. Yearbook has now seen a tremendous expansion in the areas of reaching more people and divers ways. Either from keeping regular information of the academic year, to the introduction of a robust social networking platform.
  • User friendliness:  Advanced Electronic yearbook system provides you with the ability to centrally search for and information in a quick and convenient way.

Environmental friendliness.

  • There are many eco-friendly advantages to making the switch to electronic yearbooks. First, the environment benefits from our no longer using paper as the primary distribution medium.
  • Secondly, eYearbooks eliminate the need to recycle hazardous printing solvents, metal printing plates and paper waste at a printing facility, which helps to save trees and the environment. Lastly, the smaller weight and volume of the final product decreases transportation costs and also reduces the demand for fossil fuels.

In a convectional (hard copy) yearbook system, information recorded is a provided on an as-is bases. There is only limited (not convenient) or no way of updating the information therein. Information updating are mostly only limited to textual contents only.



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