03 Dec 2014


Rec-Tangle is a file sharing/splitting and download client built to solve the usual and annoying problems encountered when sharing or downloading files online, it solves the common problems of sharing huge files over removable media, online, email or file sharing host. Solving problems of the limitations of the medium, like limited download speed

, inadequate removable storage size, limited online storage space, very small (usually 15mb) size cap on for email attachments or corrupted file download (tens of gigabyte worth file) after download due to error in the internet medium/channel or the target files have too many split parts (>40) pieces that have to be downloaded manually and singly because the share/hosting site doesn’t permit automatic download of these parts.
It eliminates the Hassel of following several links to multi-split huge files or archive, some of which can run into 100s of split files, and performs internal checksum and error checks to maintain file integrity and accuracy. This also saves users from limitations, like mail attachment limitation, by automatically splitting the files to fit in within the allowed fie sizes, attachment and mail, FAT32 file system file size archive limitation or “file sharing” site’s session download caps quotas.
It gives users options to upload parts to separate networks hence reducing the need to wait timed sequences before next download. As file parts and location to each parts are stored in the .gmx file that is generated from the output.
It can also function as a regular file splitter and joiner as its core functions are built upon a very flexible splitter and joiner system with error detection.

• Document Library
• Removable Storage
• Internet Connection including incoming connections from your internet
• Your internet connection


  • Download of split part files from different source/host (email, cloud storage, local and removable drives)
  • Automatic Compression and upload of split part files to several locations (either email, cloud, local, removable disk or all).
  • Sharing multi split files through a single lightweight pointer (.gmx) to location of all files.
  • Automatic download of all parts of files from the locations (mixed or not) using the single auto generated .gmx file from split operation
  • Custom split options by custom size or by custom number of parts
  • Supports sharing and downloading from e-mail (Yahoo-Mail and G-mail settings preset included by default, users may add preset for other accounts manually too), removable storage
  • Shell/metro integration with Chamz bar (settings) and appbar
  • Automatic checksum checker
  • Multi operations with efficient threading and queuing system


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